PhD Vacancy Interactive Machine Reasoning for Responsible Hybrid Intelligence

We have an open a vacancy for a PhD student to work within the national Dutch gravitation programme on Hybrid Intelligence. The position is based at TU Delft (TUD) with the Interactive Intelligence section, and is a collaboration with the Human-Media Interaction group at University of Twente (UT). The project will be supervised by myself and prof. Dirk Heylen from the UT, and Dr. Myrthe Tielman and prof. Catholijn Jonker from the TUD. We expect the vacancy to officially open in June/July. Please contact me for more information! An overview of all available positions can be found on the project website.


Challenge: How can AI interpret and adapt to a human partner in a responsible way?
Change: You will develop machine reasoning techniques and conversational strategies.
Impact: AI will be able to constantly align with its human partner via conversation.

Job description

At TU Delft in collaboration with University of Twente we are looking for a PhD student on Interactive Machine Reasoning for Responsible Hybrid Intelligence. The project centers around the concept of an Electronic Partner (e-partner), an intelligent agent that can support its user in a variety of daily activities, for example changing habits. In previous research in the CoreSAEP project we have developed knowledge structures for representing desired habits and underlying personal values, and a conversational agent that elicits this information from the user.

The goal of the current project is to develop machine reasoning techniques and conversational strategies that allow the e-partner to interpret and adapt this information at run-time in interaction with the user based on the context. In other words, the e-partner should be able to tune in to the needs of the user as it provides support, and assess whether its support (still) aligns with user needs. With this project we lay the foundations for the novel area of Interactive Machine Reasoning in which meaning-making happens in coaction between human and technology, allowing people to maintain their personal space and agency. With this we go beyond a view of AI that centers autonomous decision making, towards Hybrid Intelligence.


Do you have a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in computer science, artificial intelligence or a related field and a good command of the English language? Are you inspired by shaping the digital society of the future with people at the centre? Are you motivated by the prospect of creating the next generation of AI technologies that align with people‚Äôs norms and values and adapt to how people want to live their lives? Then send us your application!

Expertise in one or more of the following areas is useful, but anyone with a CS, AI or related background that can contribute to addressing the goals of the project is welcome to apply: e.g., multiagent systems, knowledge representation and reasoning, formal methods, conversational agents, user modelling, human-computer interaction, or context-aware systems.

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