First publication on Social Situation Awareness accepted!

I am happy to report that our first publication on Social Situation Awareness for behaviour support agents with Ilir Kola and Catholijn Jonker has been accepted for the LNCS postproceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Engineering Multiagent Systems (EMAS’19)! It presents a feasibility study of using the three situation awareness levels of Endsley (perception, comprehension, projection) for understanding social situations, allowing a behaviour support agent to take this into account in selecting its support actions. The main focus is on identifying features that characterise human social situations (perception), and investigating whether these features can be used to predict a higher-level characteristic of the situation, in this case its priority (comprehension). We then study whether priority can be used to predict conflict resolution in case a choice has to be made between attending different social events (projection).

Social Situation Awareness Architecture

The paper presents a first exploration of these ideas, with many questions still to be answered. We are looking forward to further investigating this direction in the coming years!

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