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Intimate Computing is about digital technologies that in some sense “come close” to us in our daily lives. Examples are quantified self, mobile location sharing apps, social media, high-tech clothing, and behaviour support technology such as smart homes.

Behaviour Support Technology

I posit that the intimate nature of these technologies makes us vulnerable in specific ways. In line with this idea, I put forward a vision of intimate computing as computing with vulnerability. This means that intimate technologies should take into account human vulnerabilities, allowing people to reflect on and actively shape their vulnerable existence in interaction with these technologies. In this way, we create a digital society that embraces softness and vulnerability, allowing us to feel wonder and tenderness in our intimate technological experiences.

From: The Tenderness Project

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Birna van Riemsdijk
Associate professor Intimate Computing, University of Twente

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January 1, 2019

New year, new website!

A skeleton of my new Intimate Computing website is available! Check back in the coming weeks to see it develop! Continue Reading →
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